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All Cotton Futon Mattress The All Cotton
A classic all cotton futon mattress. Your choice of six colors.

Full size: $159
Athens Futon Mattress Athens
An eco-friendly futon mattress, the Athens is in stock and usually ships the next business day.

Full size: $189
Traditional Futon Mattress Traditional Six
Economical and comfy, Foam and Natural Fibers combine in this US Made Futon. Your choice of six colors.

Full size: $199
Premium Futon Mattress Premium
An Eight Inch Thick Natural Fiber and Foam Futon, with a Double Foam Core. Made in the US. Your choice of six colors.

Full size: $239
Visco Plush Futon Mattress Visco Plush
Get ready to sink into the Plushness of this US Made Futon. Great for sitting and sleeping! Your choice of six colors.

Full size: $339
Coil Supreme Futon Mattress Coil Supreme
Innerspring coil, high density foam and natural fibers combine in this US Made Futon. Great for sitting and sleeping! Your choice of six colors.

Full size: $389
Coil Support Futon Mattress Coil Support
A firm, innerspring futon mattress. Your choice of six colors.

Full size: $389
Haley90 Futon Mattress Haley 90
The softest of the Haley line up.

Full size: $369
Haley 110 Mattress Haley 110
The perfect blend of soft and firm, a great all around mattress.

Full size: $369
Haley 150 Mattress Haley 150
A combination of Hi-density foam and increased support. The 150 is the firmest of the Haley line.

Full size: $369
Pulsar Mattress Pulsar
Finally a Memory Foam mattress at an affordable price.

Full size: $480
Gemini Futon Mattress Gemini
Plush and supportive, with a traditional sofa feel.

Full size: $599
Mercury Futon Mattress Mercury
Soft and cushy, get ready for comfort.

Full size: $399
Moonshadow Futon Mattress Moonshadow
Two words describe the Moonshadow, Plush and Comfy. Get ready to be amazed by the most popular futon at Otis Bedding.

Full size: $439
Galaxy Futon Mattress Galaxy
An Innerspring Mattress, the firmest mattress at If you like firm, the Galaxy is for you.

Full size: $569
Luxury Futon Mattress Luxury
Looking for a traditional futon feel, with out the shorter life span of a traditional futon, well look no further.

Full size: $339
Stratosphere Futon Mattress Stratosphere
Our thinnest, most sleek futon, the Stratosphere is perfect for everyday sitting and occasional sleeping.

Full size: $319
Liberty Mattress Liberty
Invigoratingly Firm and Supportive, great for sitting and sleeping.

Full size: $399
100% Organic Cotton Mattress 100% Organic Cotton
These are the real deal, with 100% organic casings and fill..

Full size: $639

Mattresses are just as important to a good night's sleep as a quality platform bed, or heck even a tranquil, cozy bedroom. Our mattresses are made from the highest quality ingredients, and rigorously tested before a mattress is even made. We stand behind the mattresses that we carry because we know that it is the quality of the materials used that make a good mattress, not gimmicks or a SUPER THICK mattress made from inferior ingredients. Shop with confidence and know that we don't just sell our mattresses, we also sleep on them every night.

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